Friday, March 1, 2013

Pinspiration Success

By and large, I've had a lot of success with projects inspired from things I've found on Pinterest.  Cleaning solution recipes, really yummy dinners, patterns and genius ideas.  I haven't tried tackling one of the bigger home improvement projects, though.  There's the commitment. And the convincing your husband.  Both are big deals.

Until now. I did it!

I pinned this little adorable entryway:

It needed to be in my house.  Immediately.  We've had plastic 3M hooks on the wall in our eat-in kitchen, right by the garage door where we come in and out constantly. They were absolutely functional. And absolutely ugly. So I busted out my tape measure and pencil and sketched it out. (There are actual steps listed in the original pin, but I suppose I was too excited to notice that at this point. So I winged it. Wang it? No, definitely winged.)

empty wall
While at Lowe's, Andrew suggested that we use bead board for the lower part and chalkboard paint for the upper boxes. Thumbs up from me. The hardware was the most expensive part to purchase. We got home, pulled out the power tools and got busy.

We got the first board up. Woo hoo!  Then I heard, "Um...honey, come here please." from the garage. When Andrew was measuring the next cut, the tape measure reeled in and sliced his finger. It looked like a crime scene. In my garage.  A bottle of hydrogen peroxide and several band-aids later, I got to take over using the tools.  Woo hoo!  I got the frame measured, cut and attached to the wall the first evening.  Andrew told me I had to stop there.  Something about power tools and hammering " waking up the neighbors and our children."

Day two I started sanding the upper boxes, where chalkboard paint would go. I wanted a smooth(ish) surface, so I sanded (and sanded, and sanded) the (stupid) texture, then smoothed on some joint compound (thanks, Google!).  When Andrew got home he cut the bead board inserts and helped me caulk the edges.  Note: do not ask me to use a jigsaw. It's not pretty.  We added the narrow top shelf, too.  So close!

I impatiently waited for the caulk to dry and put on some of the white paint coats and the chalkboard paint.

I woke up the next morning to do a few touch ups and add the hardware.  Then I sat back and admired.  I kind of love it.  Four days and about $100.  Not too bad, right?

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