Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let There Be Love

Valentine's Day isn't completely lost on adults, but don't we all have to admit that it's more fun for the kids?  Rory was excited to help put together her panda bear valentine box for school (thanks, Natalie!).  She made absolutely sure that I hadn't forgotten it last Thursday.  That or the popcorn for her class party or her teacher gifts.  When she got home she meticulously read each valentine that her classmates had given her.  And oh, kindergarten handwriting is pretty stinkin' cute.

Jack was pretty much just in for the candy.  Can't really blame the kid.

I decided to finally try Dana's (MADE) circle skirt, which turned out to be every bit as easy as she claims it is.  Rory's school dress code doesn't allow for patterned skirts, but I decided to rebel just this once.  The girl was giddy with happiness in the morning.  I couldn't stop the twirling.

I had made both kids some sweetheart fox softies from Ruffles and Stuff and left them on their beds for each to discover in the morning.  Rory named hers "Ariel" and Jack's is appropriately called "Foxy."

Mix Tape!

I felt bad that I'd made Rory something to wear but not Jack.  He couldn't have cared less, but was still happy to wear the cassette shirt that I put together on the fly the morning of Valentine's Day.  I swear, you can make just about anything with felt and Heat N Bond.

I'm not anti-candy, but I figured that they'd probably have plenty of it at school, so this year I opted for another (mostly) candy-less gift for Rory's schoolmates.  I made 20 little friendship bracelets and packaged them up with a few candy hearts for her class.

For her teacher (and student teacher), I had Rory draw some quick portraits and made Post-It note stands.  I figured I couldn't go wrong with  a functional gift.  We got two acrylic frames and made an insert, then just stuck a Post-It pad onto the front.

We're still enjoying little treats from Rory's valentine stash each day.  Having tasty candy around the house is a delicious/dangerous thing.


emk said...

1) your stuff rocks. obvs. 2) i am intrigued by this dress code. so is it a "khaki bottoms and colored polo shirt" kind of thing? or something more generic yet specifically banning patterned skirts?

mandolyn said...

1) you are too kind, and thank you
2) shirts must have collars and bottoms must be solid colors. There are a few more rules about the shirts that I can mostly understand. I haven't figured out the reasoning behind the bottoms, though. How offensive can an adorable polka dot or plaid print be?

sheila said...

Are dresses allowed? And I agree, you are by far the most creative person I know! Particularly "on the fly"!

mandolyn said...

Dresses are allowed. They can have patterns and for the elementary girls, don't need to have collars. Go figure! (And thanks, Sheila!)

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