Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cheaptastic Sunglasses Makeover

I have a Pinterest account, therefore I know about certain things like washi tape.  (And using vinegar to clean everything.  And how to get an engineer print.  And how to tell where my generic milk comes from.  And...And...)  I indulged a while ago when I saw some adorable polka dot washi tape at Michael's.  Then just the other day, I found some bright multi-patterned tape at JoAnn.  On clearance.  Swoon!

Not surprisingly, I also recently scoped out the Dollar Spot at Target and may have come out with a pair of $3 clear framed sunglasses.

Washi tape + cheap-o sunglasses = Love

It seems to be holding up pretty well, too.  I figure when I get tired of it or it starts to come off, I can just switch it out for a new washi tape pattern.  Shoot, by then I may have found several more discounted but lovely washi tape rolls to drool over.

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