Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Jack!

My baby turned three!  THREE!

He's still all about Angry Birds.  And Star Wars.  And Star Wars Angry Birds.  And superheros, Power Rangers, knights, and Skylanders.  I love that I get to be this kid's momma.  I love the look on his face when he's trying to decide whether to smack me with his lightsaber or give me a kiss.  I think he's generally pretty divided about that one.  He's hot or cold, super sweet or the King of Cranky.  He's stubborn and hilarious and sensitive.  He's perfect.  And he's mine.  Happy birthday, Jackie Pants!

Daddy lost the battle.

Andrew came home with an idea he got from some coworkers for making lightsaber party favors.  Dollar store pool noodles cut in half, then wrapped with duct and electrical tape.  So simple.  And such a hit!  Literally.  If you're going to make something that your kid with hit people (and furniture, cats, strangers in Hobby Lobby, etc.) with, it should be soft and foamy.  Thank you, inventors of the pool noodle, from the bottom of my heart.

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