Friday, April 19, 2013

Easter and Instagramania

Easter weekend was busy for us, as it usually is.  There was a "Happy Spring" egg hunt and party at Rory's school, then Jack's birthday followed by my 9th anniversary.  Spring comes in with a bang around here!

All the kindergarteners brought egg cartons with plastic eggs to school for a big egg hunt.  I decorated hers with approximately 7 coats of paint, felt flowers, and her name in glitter (by request).  We were instructed to fill each egg with candy and write letters on them to spell out "Happy Spring" then also write the letters in the bottom of their egg carton so they could hunt for matching letters.

Sounds like a cute, simple thing, right?  I couldn't figure out what was taking Rory so long.

"Hey Rory, what letters are you looking for?"
   "Um...Y, two P's, H and G."
"Okay.  Hey look!  Here's a P right here in front of you."
   "Ugh, Mom!  I don't want that color.  I want a two-color egg."
"Well, why don't you just take this one, then if you have extra time and find another, you can trade out?"
   "NO!  I don't want that P."

I think the lighthearted fun learn-to-spell-and-get-free-candy concept was lost on her.  She took some seriously convincing (and a little bribery) to finish up because everyone else was ready to get inside.  And for the record, when most everyone else is finished, it's a lot harder to find the SPECIFIC COLOR/exact letter combo you're looking for to complete the phrase.  I think my mantra for the day was, "Breathe in. Breathe out. There will be cupcakes in the classroom."  I made bunnies out of lollipops for her classmates, inspired by this on Pinterest. Of course.

I didn't get as crafty as I would have liked for Easter this year.  It just got too busy, so I let myself off the hook.  I did make Jack a quick tie, though, that unintentionally almost matched his sister's dress.  So, you know, small victory!  On a less victorious note, this is the best picture I got of it.

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