Monday, August 27, 2012

We did it!

And she's off!

Rory started her first day of kindergarten today and she couldn't have been more excited.  I think she's been ready to start school for the past three years...

Confession time.  Last night I was going through my list.  Pack lunches? Check.  Get clothes ready? Check.  Paperwork all signed and in backpack? Check. Alarm clocks set? Check.  Teacher gift made and ready?  Uh-oh!

It still lived in my head.

Outlets in pictures are so classy!

I'd seen apples made from two soda bottles on Pinterest.  They're are several different versions.  I didn't actually read about any of them, but it seemed pretty easy.  I didn't have a zipper to join the two pieces together like the apple idea in my head, so I just notched one layer and wedged them together.  We wrapped up the gifts in red tissue paper, lovingly crammed them into the apple and glued the stem on top.  Whew!  Close call.

I made a felt apple coaster with Mrs. Crowder's name embroidered on it, a little apple pin and some mini apple garland.  Rory looked at it and said, "Um, Mom...why are we giving my teacher apple everything?"  It's a theme, kid, work with me.

She needed a vinyl pencil bag for school- it is the only school supply that we bought that would end up specifically hers, so I had to make one for her.  Couldn't help myself.  Even though sewing with vinyl is a nightmare every single time, this wasn't so bad.  (Thank you, Scotch tape.)

We played with Shrinky Dinks and made a little name plate for her backpack, too.

Rory got to her classroom and was off without a hitch.  The apple's stem and card fell off in the parking lot and we didn't notice until we were in the building.  Oh well.  We'll have to send her teacher a picture of the apple in it's entirety.  I figure if we can make it with that as our only stumble today, we're doing pretty well.

Happy first day of school, Bean!  It all starts now!

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Klementine (aka Aunt Kiki) said...

Oh, Bean. I remember when you were a little, well, bean. We are so, so proud! Team Geyer loves you!

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